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Hosting a farm day in partnership with The Chiltern Centre to raise donations for the Centre, users and family that depend on their care.


On Sunday 3rd September, the young adults of The Chiltern Centre and their families will be coming to Stonor to experience a morning on the farm. Their day will include tractor rides through the sunflower fields and vineyards, painting therapy sessions in the great outdoors and much more.

In the afternoon, we will be opening to the public – if you are interested in coming tickets and pre-booking is essential.


Every penny that you donate via this page will go directly to The Chiltern Centre to help them do what they do best. However, the more money that you guys raise collectively, the more we’ll challenge ourselves to provide a truly memorable day out for the Centre.

The more you raise for the Centre – the more fun we will provide, independently, on the farm day for the Chiltern Centre members.

£2,500Donations pay for the incredible staff that care for the members of the centre. You need 2 carers to every 1 young adult with a disability.
£5,000Could provide short break, overnight care to young people with disabilities whilst promoting choice and control of their lives enabling them be part of the wider community and encouraging personal development.
£7,500The Centre is always providing fun and new activities for the young adults – unlocking new skills and living life to the full regardless of what obstacles are in the way – like abseiling in a wheelchair? Yes you can! See more activities below.
£10,000The Centre has been given the green light to expand! Their waiting list is long, as centres like this are so rare and specialised. Allowing the centre to help more people is a mighty ambition. One that is worthy of our support.

We could write an essay (or 5) on what the Chiltern Centre does and the difference they make, but it wouldn’t be as meaningful as these short videos from the young adults and their families that are part of the centre.

Amelia has Down Syndrome, she is 40 years old and she lives independently. She works at the River & Rowing Museum cafe, goes to lots of exercise classes and volunteers at the Chiltern Centre. Amelia has been part of the Chiltern Centre family for as long as we can remember. First attending herself, then later becoming an integral part of the team as a volunteer with our wonderful Buddies group.
We don’t just provide support for young people with disabilities. We are a family. A part of the support network around a young person. We get to know everyone who comes through our doors so that we can support them in the unique and individualized way that they deserve. We change lives and we do it with love, humour, care, kindness and dedication.
At the Chiltern Centre, disability is only ever a part of someone’s story, it’s not their whole story. It isn’t who they are. There is so much more to each and every person we support. It’s our job to get to know them as individuals so that we can empower them to live life to the full.

Every donation you make via this page will go directly to The Chiltern Centre. Stonor Farm is covering the costs of the farm day independently. Examples of what the centre will use the money for:

Hydrotherapy Sessions

Providing swimming sessions for exercise and strengthening.

Sporting activities

The members also partake in the disabled Regatta!
You could be supporting our next Olympian!

Music Therapy Sessions

We all know how music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

The Centre also organises holidays, continued involvement in farming, on top of the day in and day out care of members and the families that depend on the centre. They allow members to make friends and socialise, and live life to the full. See more details of their amazing work on their website.

The centre have a long waiting list of members desperate for the care and quality of life that the Chiltern Centre provides. They have just started the long process of moving to a larger centre to expand and help more people. But they need our support in this mighty mission.


If you can’t make the day, but still want to get something in return for your donation?! Stonor Farm are hosting a plethora of delightful activities for young and old that will run throughout the summer. Book tickets for the vineyard dinner experience here. We have cut a path through out fabulous sunflower field for you to walk through – you can pick your own sunflower and leave a donation in the box. Buy Honey made from our bees ‘Wild Side Honey’  

Come walk among the sunflowers. Remember to bring secateurs and take some home to fill your house with joy!

Visit the vineyard which is currently filled with wild poppies. The vineyard manager and winemaker will be hosting open fire Sunday lunches. More info to come!

Buy our honey made here on the farm. The bees have over 100 acres of wild flowers which creates the most stunning sweet honey that really is unique. As well as the vines and sunflowers for the bees to indulge on.


This event is being supported by the Worshipful Company of Gold and Sliver Wire Drawers. Their first female Master, Catherine Carr has chosen The Chiltern Centre as her main charity for the year. The Company has already raised a generous amount to kick the day off! Livery companies make grants and donations to a wide variety of causes connected with education, trades, health and wellbeing; making a positive impact within society. For more information about the Livery Company, head to their website below. If you or your company would like to sponsor the Charity Day, please get in touch via